The Eleventh Birthday of ace's Happy Homepage...

Eleven Years have passed since the first ace's Happy Month took the world by storm. Eleven long and fulfilling years that have brought us joy and friendship beyond expectation. Although AHH hasn't been meaningfully updated in at least 6 years, ace's Happy Month continues to resonate deeply with all people young and old.


Bob McDob - Listen to bob sing his happy wishes... (342KB)
Let Pepper lift you up...
Standard-Res... (11.8MB)
High-Res... (11.7MB)
ace Hyphen One - Enjoy the traditional ace's Happy Avi celebrating 2006
AHM2006 800x450 (93.5MB)
AHM2006 1280x720 (136MB)

Previous Contributions


ace Hyphen One - The Largest AHA ever created (467MB)


LOAF, Trelane and Frosty - The Greatest AHM Wav Yet Created (5.6MB)
ace Hyphen One - The Greatest AHA Yet Created (13.4MB)
Bob McDob -


ace Hyphen One at the piano - Grieg - Notturno (6.7MB)
TC -
Ghost - Ghost-Where_ace_Will_Take_Me-AHM2003.mp3 (2.1MB)


ace Hyphen One at the piano - Bartok - Rumanian Folk Dances 1-3 (4.28MB)
Chopin - Waltz in A Minor Op. 34, No. 2 (6.99MB)
Frosty - Frosty-AHM2002.wav (710KB)
Ghost - Ghost-AHM2002.wav (204KB)
Trelane -
ace's Time Machine non-interactive demo (requires SLUDGE interpreter)


WildWeasel - WildWeasel-AHM2001.wav (345KB)
TC -
Nobel Prize article

According to official AHH archives, the year 2000 never took place...


Chris Reid - Crid1-AHM1999.wav (600KB)
Byydo - Byydo-AHM1999.mp3 (330KB)
Atsuko - ahmats-AHM1999.mp3 (867KB)
Maverick - Maverick-AHM1999.wav (509KB)
Hadrian - Hadrian-AHM1999.wav (5MB)
Hades - Hades-AHM1999.wav (567KB)
LOAF - LOAF-AHM1999.wav (373KB)
Trelane - Trelane-AHM1999.wav (404KB)


Atsuko - Atsuko-AHM1998.wav (712KB)
Chris Reid - Chris-AHM1998.wav (1.5MB)
Hadrian - Hadrian-AHM1998.wav (1.45MB)
Maverick - Maverick-AHM1998.wav (584KB)


Assassin - Assassin-AHM1997.wav (197KB)
Byydo - Byydo1-AHM1997.wav (374KB) Byydo2-AHM1997.wav (215KB)
Chris Reid - Chris1-AHM1997.wav (594KB) Chris2-AHM1997.wav (141KB)
Hadrian - Hadrian-AHM1997.wav (975KB)
LOAF - LOAF-AHM1997.wav (43KB)
Maverick - Maverick-AHM1997.wav (536KB)
Spider - Spider-AHM1997.wav (4.68MB)

If anyone has any AHM stuff that I'm missing here I'd certainly like it.

What is the deal with AHH Month?

You may or may not remember June 1996. If you indeed do, then you'll remember that in that very wonderful month, AHH was viewed for the very first time on the monitor of nearly every single person with internet access. (ok, so it was a couple people) So naturally in appreciation for such a momentous event, the entire month of June has been dedicated to the celebration of the birth of AHH. 1997's AHH month also marked the month that AHH moved to its happy home at