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ace Hyphen One wins Nobel Prize for Happiness

ace Hyphen One's success is due in part to his assistant Pepper, who also helped Albert Einstein to his Nobel prize.

Happyville, USA -- A wacky and unconventional night of awarding the Nobel Prizes for the year 2001 has just drawn to a close as once again those responsible for seriously improving the lives of countless masses were honored.

Although normally the ceremony takes place during the month of October over a period of several days, the 2001 ceremony has taken place four months earlier for reasons which the organizers were unwilling to discuss until now, although the reason became clear as a special prize was awarded.

The special prize is the Nobel Prize for Happiness created especially for ace Hyphen One to mark the fifth annual ace's Happy Month, a highly secretive celebration conducted by an elite cadre of Magic Staff. The incredible achievements of ace Hyphen One during this time have inspired people all over the world. Millions of people across the globe will be surprised to know that AHH is now boldly pushing into its sixth year of glorious existence.

ace Hyphen One's success is also due in part to his assistant, Pepper, who joined the efforts to make people happy a couple of years ago. The enigmatic Pepper is no stranger to Nobel success. He played a great part in the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect while working for Albert Einstein. This discovery was a key factor in the decision to award Einstein the Nobel Laureate in Physics during the 1921 awards, 80 years ago.

During a press conference, a spokesman reported, "We decided to alter the date of the awards in order to honor a special man.. and a special monkey.. who created a special homepage.. during a special month.. five years ago. To do anything other than schedule the event to coincide with ace's Happy Month, or better yet, the actual exact day in which AHH was born, would be a great injustice to someone who has done so much for us over the years."

We attempted to contact ace Hyphen One who was not available for comment, however a spokesman for Mr. Hyphen One is reported to have said "Happy ace's Happy Month!" And although the end of June is fast approaching, knowledgable Magic Staff members have informed us that the actual month does not end on June 30th in fact. It is expected that some extra special ace's Happy Month wavs will be releases during these last few days.

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4:32pm ET, 4/27

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